1. "One stone, two birds"

    With a huge suitcase filled with 4 doboks, my black belt and heaps and heaps of food and presents for my korean ‘taekwondo family’, I set off for Korea exactly one week ago. The travelling didn’t go that smooth this time though. After I and seemingly half…

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  2. 1 week left!

    In one week my crowdfunding at Wij Zijn Sport will end. Help me with the final sprint! If you…

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  3. A taekwondo dude went to Venice…


  4. A little video to show my appreciation: I have reached 400 likes on my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/taekwondokidmattho)!


  5. We’re live!

    We’re live! A new story, a new video and new givebacks! Check out the video and please support my campaign at: http://www.wijzijnsport.nl/view-detail/view-viewdetail/cid-46


    This morning I launched my campaign at the Dutch crowdfunding platform Wij zijn Sport. A new story, a new video and new givebacks! Check out the video and please support my campaign at: http…

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  6. So, as I said, big plans are coming up! Next friday I’m launching a new campaign on the Dutch crowdfunding platform Wij zijn Sport. To fund my second training period with Grandmaster Shinchul Kang in Korea! Together with a top class tennis player and a paralympic sailer I’m the first to work with this promising new concept. Check out their video to see how it works! (My personal video will be subtitled in English).

    Wij Zijn Sport - Crowdfunding voor topsport (door Paul Dirkse)


  7. Let’s cut to the chase: the 1st Skive Poomsae Seminar was a great success! My grandmaster Kang Shinchul from Korea, came all the way over to spend a weekend teaching his methods to European poomsae fanatics. He was assisted by his daughter and son and they weren’t the only experts Skive had to offer: master Ali Pourtaheri from Great-Britain and grandmaster Kytu Dang from Denmark made the specialized instructors team complete.

    For me it was the first time since my departure in April to see the grandmaster and his family. I was filled with joy when his son was observing my forms and mumbled ‘Ahmm, Namchang skill.’ (Namchang referring to the grandmaster’s Korean gym name). So the hours I spent on refining what I learned in Korea, didn’t go unnoticed. On top of that the grandmaster asked me to explain the philosophy of his methods to all the participants. What an honor!

    The accommodation and organization (in hands of master Kim Nedergaard) were beyond reproach, so I think the message is clear: the 2nd Skive Poomsae Seminar (next year) is a must-attend!


  8. The importance of enthusiasm (on Wordpress).

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  9. Okay, who wants to see a Koryo performance? Here you go! It’s me, first round of the Danish Open last weekend. It’s uncut footage (hence the name), performance starts at 0:12. Enjoy!


  10. Having travelled to two more European cities, Prague and Kolding, I can add two more satisfying results to my list. The first of which is a bronze medal from the Czech Open Poomsae 2013! The second is a well-deserved place in the top 8 of the Danish Open Poomsae, advancing to the finals in 6th position. A short recap:

    Prague: No coach, no mother, no film maker, no nobody, this was definitely a first: I went all by myself. And everything went according to plan! Had great flights, a nice hotel, found myself a decent restaurant, in short a perfect match-day preparation. When it comes to the match itself, my ‘plans’ were to relax more during my performance and enjoy the moment. Apparently the Czech judges appreciated that! I was close upon the heels of the Czech representatives at the European Championships and won bronze. Fun fact: on top of a generally well-organized tournament, the Czechs even hired blond ‘medal babes’, like they have in cycling. Me like!

    Kolding: This time around accompanied by master Bob (coach) as well as Stephane Kaas (press), we arrived in Kolding on friday after a 700km drive in master Bob’s minivan together with two other Dutch competitors, Yance and master Ata. We slept on thin mattresses in the local gym, which offered to host international participants. Right next to seemingly the biggest cargo train rails in Denmark. In short: a not so perfect match-day preparation. But hey, I wasn’t complaining. No no, I was focused and looking forward to performing. I think participating in a lot of matches lately has got me a extra bit of routine, which I really felt during the Danish Open. The first round, a performance of poomsae Koryo and Taebaek, was undoubtedly my best so far!

    Up next: the last game before summer, the Austrian Open Poomsae on the 15th of June. Three weeks of training left! Hiya!